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The Gathering Of Souls


 The Gathering of Souls is a supernatural thriller written in complex lore form. Erica giftedly brings several character perspectives to life with a head-hopping story methodology. Each character, on their own journey, encounters main characters to weave the supernatural world into coexistence with humanity.


Chapter 2

A whisper of sound crossed the concrete room. Ashley held her breath, listening. The ensuing silence confirmed that her paranoia only fed her imagination. She let out a slow breath and opened her eyes. She shifted onto her side, trying to find a comfortable position on the rickety cot. The meals in shelters came free, but so did indigestion.

She had only been able to make it to the next town over in her day and a half of running. That didn’t feel nearly far enough. The span of an entire continent couldn’t put enough space between her and her fatal error. Just down the street, Southern Illinois University teemed with life and students full of aspirations. As a university town, Carbondale, IL offered endless possibilities for her mission. Most of her brothers and sisters either attended or pretended to attend the school. Young people in the transitional stages of their lives were particularly susceptible to their cause.

Simone, her mentor and guide, explained the detrimental consequences of revealing their secret group. At sixteen, Ashley ran away from home. She’d been on the streets nearly a year until the day she tried to snatch a Gucci bag from the wrong woman. She had long dark hair trailing down her back with blonde streaks framing her face. Her tall, slender figure made her look like a runway model. When Ashley seized her opportunity to grab at the purse she’d been eying, the woman retaliated. With one swift motion, Ashley was on her back, looking into two intensely.........


ISBN for print: 978-0578942674

ISBN for epub

Style: Paperback & E Beader

Page length: 230

Category: Supernatural Thriller/Fiction

Price: $12.99



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Lives in North Carolina with her husband, daughter, son, and two dogs, Wink and Ivan the Great. Erica loves the thrill of hiking backcountry trails with nothing but the bare minimum of supplies on her back. Outside of the wilderness, her family fills her heart and nachos feed her soul. She believes the most beautiful experiences can come from life's unplanned and even unwelcome moments. It is with that fortitude that she composes her stories, weaving the unexplored supernatural world into coexistence with humanity.

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Gathering Of Souls Cover

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