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The Gathering of Souls

Harvesting human souls is a tough business. When Molly turns up dead in a suspected suicide, investigators soon find an underground network of agents working to convince people to take their own lives. Kate, Molly's sister, is thrown into a chain of events that not only lead her to the truth behind Molly's death, but also a hidden truth about herself.

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Erica Darnell is the author of the book "The Gathering of Souls", a supernatural thriller about the unseen war for humanity.

Erica lives in North Carolina with her husband, daughter, son, and two dogs, Wink and Ivan the Great. She loves the thrill of hiking backcountry trails with nothing but the bare minimum of supplies on her back. But outside of the wilderness, her family fills her heart and nachos feed her soul. Erica believes the most beautiful experiences can come from life's unplanned and even unwelcome moments. It is with that fortitude that she composes her stories, weaving the unexplored supernatural world into coexistence with humanity.

Erica Darnell Author
Image by Tori Wise
Image by Keisuke Higashio

"I'll start by saying I am NOT a reader. I rarely pick up a book, but I couldn't put this one down! I was hooked within the first pages. It had the perfect amount of mystery and fear, and connection to characters. Loved it!"

Image by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger

"I kept forgetting that I was reading to critique because I found myself getting caught up in the story."

Image by Casey Horner

"Dinners were left uncooked, work put aside. I could not stop reading this book! Kudos to this wonderful story weaver!"

Image by Hikersbay Hikersbay

"This book hooked me in the first chapter and had me begging for more!"


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